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June 20th 2PM EST


Microbiology of High Hydrostatic Pressure: Do we Know what we Don’t Know?


Presented by: Dr. Keith Warriner, PHD

High hydrostatic pressure processing has experienced rapid growth over the last five years especially within North America where a range of HHP products (juices, deli meat) are commercially available. Yet, despite the adoption of HHP there remains significant knowledge gaps with respect to how different microbes respond to pressure and the basis for bar tolerance. This in turn has proved problematic to food safety regulators who are required to develop policy in the absence of risk assessment data. Within the US, HHP is recognized as a pathogen reduction step within a HACCP framework. Yet, other food safety authorities in the EU, Australia:New Zealand and Canada consider HHP processed foods as novel that has significant implications on the adoption of the technology by industry.

The following webinar will provide an overview of the current-state-of-art with respect to the microbiological aspects of HHP processing. The response of different microbes to HHP along with basis for bar tolerance will be outlined. The influence of intrinsic and extrinsic properties on HHP inactivation kinetics of microbes will be covered. The basis for strain variation in pressure resistance will be discussed along with selection of suitable surrogates to aid in-plant verification testing. The relative efficacy of HHP to pasteurize different foods will be described along with limitations of current predictive models. Finally, the development and future directions of regulatory policy will be described.

Learning objectives:


-History of high hydrostatic pressure

-Pressure assisted processes applied in the food industry

-Mode-of-inactivation by HHP and basis for bartolerance

-Bartolerance of different microbes

-Factors affecting pressure tolerance of different microbes

-Efficacy of HHP in treating juices and meat products

-Surrogates in HHP processing

-Effect of HHP on toxins, allergens and endospores

-Regulatory policy of HHP foods

-Knowledge gaps and future directions


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