Say No to Food Waste

As a consumer, do you realize how serious food waste every day? It may not be clear how much food you waste every day and the impact that food waste has on the rest of the world. Many of us think it’s just a little extra food you throw away, it’s common just to throw away the expired food from your refrigerator. It doesn’t seem like a big deal when only one person is doing this. Imagine 313.4 million of Americans repeating this waste every day. Then ask yourself how bad could the food waste really be?

US food_wasteStatistics shows by United Nations Environment Programme,

  • Roughly 1.3 billion tons of food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted every year.
  • Rich countries waste almost as much food, 222 million tons, as the entire net food production of sub-Sahara Africa, 230 million tones  every year.
  • 30% of all produced food, which equates to $48.3 billion is thrown away each year in the United States.

You should be aware; the food waste is not only lost food, but it triggers the social, environment, financial, food valued chain and other aspects [I don’t understand your point you are trying to make here]. The Cockrell School of Engineering quantifies the amount energy in food waste in the chart below.  The amount of food waste that can be converted into energy could save 2% of the total domestic distribution of energy consumption. The amount of food waste in US can power Switzerland for a year.



Not only do the consumers need to change their attitude toward food, but also the food manufacture must find alternative ways to improve the current food waste situation in the manufacturing food chain. From farming, transportation, production, packaging, and retailing; every process creates a certain proportion of waste in the total supply chain (Source: CNN). As a food manufacturer, how can you optimize your total supply chain from the raw material to the final product on the consumer’s plate?

High Pressure Processing is a new technology that surrounds your favorite foods with plain cold water in the high-pressure vessel. On account of this technology, food manufacturers can take full advantage of the wasted raw material from farming then turn it in to a safer, healthier, clean label product without any additives and artificial preservatives. The machine pressurizes the water to incredible pressures… up to 87,000psi that can achieve 5-Log pathogen reduction to ensure product safety.   What’s more, HPP is normally used to processes pre-packaged products which significantly decreases waste compared to post-packaging processing.  One of the most impressive advantages is that HPP’d product has a shelf life 2x – 3x its natural shelf – life, which, for some products, can extend shelf life from 30 days to 90 days.  Both food manufacturers and consumers can benefit from this technology so as to improve the food waste situation globally.

If you do not know the truly poor condition of world food waste, please view this video that we found on Vimeo. I hope this video open your eyes to the impact of food wastage and make you change your attitude toward food.