HPP Machine Load and Unload Solution

Avure™ – 350L / AV30
Hiperbaric™ – Hiperbaric 525

Next HPP ™ – Next Generation 175L
                     – Next Generation 350L
                     – Next Generation 525L

Pallets Compatible with most Hyster™and Caterpillar ™ Power Pallet Trucks and Forklifts.

Pallet Specifications
Dimensions – 48”w x 60”l x 40”h
Fork Pocket – 10”w x 3.5”h
Weight (w/6 empty baskets) – 330 lbs approximate
Fork Raised Height – 7.75” minimum to remove Pallet for Lift

Pallet Lift Table Specifications
Dimensions – 54””w x 61.25” l
Height in Down Position – 3.5” h
Height in Up Position – 33.875 h
Lift Capacity – 2500 lbs
Weight – 1500 lbs
Power – 24 DC
Hydraulic – Customer Supplied
Optional – 110V All Inclusive Plug and Play
Material – Stainless Steel
Food Grade – Follow NSF 2 and 3a Guidelines

Lift table can be partially automated for Vertical Lift, Horiziontal Indexing.

Traceability Basket Bar Code reading and dump to SQL Database for integration with ERP and MRP for enhanced real time reporting.

Our programmers can integrate HPP Machine PLC data dump with Basket Bar Code reading to produce validated production reports on baskets that had a successful cycle for pressure up and hold.

Manufactures of product can trace product from production line, to loading of baskets, to HPP, to success cycle of HPP, to distribution without any human intervention and error.


  • Eliminate Double/Triple Handling resulting in up to 50% Cost Savings
  • Reduce Employee Fatigue & Injury with Ergonomically Friendly Loading
  • Increase Productivity and Employee Moral
  • Reduce Damaged Product and Breach Rates by at least 5%
  • Increase HPP Product Through-Put by up to 20%
  • Increase Traceability with Bar Coded Baskets
  • Save on Transportation and Storage costs with Same Day Processing

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