NSF Certified Material Handling Carts

Industry leading, safety certified HPP Material Handling CartsIndustry Leading, safety certified HPP Material Handling Carts


High Pressure Processing is a new technology that surrounds your favorite foods with plain water in the high pressure processing machine.  The machine then pressurizes the water to incredible pressures… up to 87,000psi!  The results are a safer, healthier, clean label product that has a shelf life 2x – 3x its natural shelf – life, which, for some products, can extend shelf life from 30 days to 90 days.

“The processing involves submerging products and their packaging completely in cold-water,” says Vice President of Business Development, Jon Jurhs.  Once the machine is loaded and the food is submerged in, water pressurization of the chamber begins.  “In a wet, food manufacturing environment, it is imperative that all components of the process be held to the highest standards of clean-ability and cleanliness,” says Jurhs.

Founded in 1944, the National Sanitation Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to developing standards, product certifications and risk-management practices for public health and safety. NSF focuses primarily on food, water, indoor air quality and the environment while developing its standards.

Though food service equipment does not have to bear the NFS mark, those models that do are easier to clean and ensure a safer commercial kitchen. [Source: National Sanitation Foundation (Link – http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/restaurant-equipment-supply-marketing-articles/product-safety-public-health/national-sanitation-foundation/c28208.aspx)

All Natural Freshness is pleased to announce applications for NSF/ANSI Standard 3-A 14159-1 -2010 certifications have been accepted for their industry leading High Pressure Processing Material Handling Carts. All Natural Freshness’ Quick Grip Removable End Cap Baskets are available on the Avure® 350L, Avure® 215L, Chic 200L, Chic 300L, Chic 400L, Chic 500L High Pressure Pasteurization machines.  “We have a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, that is focused intently on giving our customers the safest HPP solutions possible,” states President, Gerald Ludwick.