Stackable Tolling Basket Pallets

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Want an affordable way to transport baskets to your tolling company or your High Pressure Processing (HPP) Facility?

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  • ANF has created an affordable polyethylene Basket Pallet that is light weight and durable.  We load products directly into baskets from food processing production line and from there directly onto the Basket Pallet.
  • Basket Pallets are secured with a nylon or metal band and loaded into a truck.  The pallets are approximately 49” and can be stacked 2 high and 2 across to maximize freight transport.
  • At the High Pressure Processing (HPP) Tolling Center, the pallets are unloaded, and can be placed on optional steel casters carts at each end of the conveyor for easy inter-facility handling.
  • The post HPP Product is inspected in the basket for breaches, then in the baskets are put back on the Pallet, secured with bands, and reloaded on truck.
  • The end result is your product goes through High Pressure Processing; no outside source touches the food product, lower cost of High Pressure Processing, and safer food.
  • The product is shipped to distributors and warehouse in the same processing day.

By changing the potential food safety issues brought from double or triple handling products situations in most food manufactures and tolling facilities, ANF has developed the Stackable Tolling Pallets to help minimize the post-product touches back to zero.  Each Pallet can hold 6 baskets and Pallets can be stacked 2 high for a total of 12 baskets; easily fitting into a semi-truck or stored in a buffer zone.  These pallets are an affordable lite weight solution to transport your product already in baskets to your Tolling Company or your High Pressure Processing (HPP) Facility.

Superior Performance


Stackable Tolling Pallets Similuation_副本_副本The typical process that All Natural Freshness implements is direct loading of baskets at the production line thereby achieving fewest touches in the food supply chain.   Fewer touches means, reduced tasks, shortening of travels, elimination of steps, labor and reduced costs the operation.  HPP Processing Partners internal and external will benefit from not having to handle your product as they can load the baskets directly onto the machine and then back on to pallets for shipment.

No basket loading, No basket unloading, No re-packing, No shipping to distribution required.

Afforable Leasing 


All Natural Freshness offers the competitive Stackable Tolling Basket Pallet leasing option to assist food manufacturers with launching HPP.   Leasing removes much of the up front capital expenditure and allows the manufactures to eliminate costly double handling of product associated with loading product in a bin and then loading to a basket.

All Natural Freshness has developed sales channels to service North America, Europe, and Asia with some of the most respected and innovative companies in the global food industry. To name a few of benefits by joining to ANF global network:

  • Instantly expand a totally fresh product from existing facility
  • Limited entry cost to a totally fresh product
  • Transition to fresh costs low
  • Passive Income Generator
  • Eradicate food contamination and recall risk
  • Zero additional product touches
  • Deliver clean label product
  • Ease of Processing
  • No Liability for handling customer product
  • Stable Revenue Stream
  • Higher production volume by efficient loading
  • Significantly decrease food waste to nearly zero