New Generation of Processing Technologies to Improve Quality, Safety and Functionality


New Generation of Processing Technologies to Improve Quality, Safety and Functionality
Presenter: Dr. Tatiana Koutchma[bio]
Description: Over the last decade new generation of processing technologies are continuing to emerge in primary food production and processing to transform raw materials into food products and preserve fabricated foods and ingredients during transportation, retailing and consuming foods. These novel processing approaches include advanced thermal and non-thermal methods such as electromagnetic heating, ultra high pressure, ultraviolet (UV) irradiation etc. As a result of the modern consumer demands for foods that are fresher, more natural or minimally processed and additive-free, new treatment techniques are under broad development as preservation technologies and tools to tailor foods with added functional and nutritional values. Novel processing can potentially reduce effects of thermal abuse on foods, lower carbon footprint and substantially reduce water volume used in heat transfer processes. However, performance capabilities of novel processes differs in terms of the types of food that can be treated, microbial efficacy, desired and undesired effects, and their economic and environmental impact. This webinar will review commercially available emerging technologies in food production and technologies-in-development in terms of their potential and applications for different groups of products. The focus will be made on high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and ultraviolet (UV) light technologies that advanced to the level that made possible their successful commercialization specifically for shelf extension and development of novel foods.
Learning Objectives: -Understand regulatory requirements and development steps to be made in order to establish and validate a new process
-Review research challenges and advances in process design
-Learn about critical issues in validations of commercial units
-Gain an understanding of process economics and benefits of HHP and UV
-Analyze critical product and process parameters that affect microbial inactivation along with quality and nutritional effects. Update on current regulatory status of HHP and UV light in the USA and Canada, and novel food regulations around the world
Intended Audience:
-Food Safety Specialists
-Food Engineers
-HACCP coordinators
-QA managers
-Food Product Developers
-Food Technologists
-Graduate Students