Fresher Evolution HPP Equipment (Evolution Series)

Fresher Evoltuion HPP 175L HPP Equipment

Fresher Evoltuion HPP 175L & 350L HPP Equipment

The Fresher Evolution design and manufacturing team brings together the best proven solutions by some of the leading companies in the world today in the fields of High Pressure Tubing and Fittings, Hydraulic Solutions, Controls and Automation, Intensifiers, ASME U3 Design and Compliance, ASME U3 component manufacturing to build the Evolution Series, a truly forward thinking machine, for the food industry:

  • AutoFrettage Vessel
  • Sloped Platform
  • Integrated Plug, Tubing, and Intensifiers
  • Basket Anti-Rotational Feature
  • Hydro Static Variable Speed and Hydraulic Power
  • Modular Growth
  • Real Time Open Database

175L/600 Evolution

The 175L/600 Evolution is production scale equipment with a 175L net useful volume vessel. It standardized a vessel diameter of 15.3″. The standard version includes 1 intensifier but with the modular growth option that matches the capacity without investing a new machine.

350L/600 Evolution

The 350L/600 Evolution is the commercial equipment for industrial production. Due to its volume and vessel diameter (350L and 15.3″respectively), it is our most economical entry point. Standard equipment is installed with 4 horizontal pressure intensifiers, which can work independently one from another and can be expanded to a total of 6 horizontal pressure intensifiers.

525L/600 Evolution

The 525L/600 Evolution is the biggest and most productive machine in our series. The breakthrough of this machine is its volume of 525L with 15.3″ diameter. The compact design equipped with 4 intensifiers at minimum makes it most productive machine to meet the high demands of food producers in the market.

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