All Natural Freshness, Inc. (ANF) is a story within a story. Sometimes in life you choose a path and other times a path chooses you. What opportunity you make of the path becomes your destiny. So here is Our Story. It all starts with man possessed to make the freshest, best tasting All Natural Salsa. The man in our story is Jack Aronsen, the co-founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet. Jack had been following the emerging technologies in food processing and of particular interest was high pressure food preservation. It took many years before he actually convinced his co-founder Tony Latella that Garden Fresh Gourmet had to have High Pressure Processing Equipment. After all if you want to make the freshest all natural salsa in the world, why would you not take advantage of technology that makes your product extremely safe for your customers and provides shelf life extension? Did I mention that you can do all this and still have a competitively priced product?

So as the story goes, Garden Fresh pulls the trigger, and jumps on the bandwagon, now called High Pressure Processing HPP. Well, as with all new emerging food production technology that makes the jump from science to industry, Garden Fresh experienced its fair share of bumps along the way. At the same time that Garden Fresh is embracing HPP, Tony Latella, begins what will be his final fight with a rare form of Cancer. It was during this time that Jerry Ludwick, Tony’s Nephew and founder of ANF, spent many a day and night at U of M Hospital talking about Tony’s passion, Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Shortly thereafter, Jerry and John Latella, Garden Fresh CFO, started having conversations about Jerry getting involved in the operations at Garden Fresh Gourmet. His first project was tackling the new HPP machine from Avure Technologies, Inc. After 6 months of facilitating collaboration between Garden Fresh and Avure® Technologies, Inc., Jerry and the team at Garden Fresh had their High Pressure Process running on all cylinders, an amazing 97% efficiency, that was 2009. From that experience and the relationships formed with Avure®, All Natural Freshness, Inc. was born.

Jumping to present year 2013, ANF started the year rebuilding from the ground up a HPP machine that was not NSF Compliant, we fabricated new stainless steel frame, vessel and plugs. We installed a new stainless steel liner, along redesigning the water system, filtration, and all wiring. In the 2nd Quarter we deployed our Portable Tolling Solution in Brazil. Also in the 2nd Quarter of this year we started the implementation our ANF Tolling Network utilizing our revolutionary Portable Tolling Solution. As busy year!

Fresher Evolution HPP is committed to design, develop, and manufacture a cost effective and innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine for commercial and industrial applications. The Fresher Evolution HPP design and manufacturing team brings together the best proven solutions by some of the leading companies in the world today in the fields of High Pressure Tubing and Fittings, Hydraulic Solutions, Controls and Automation, Intensifiers, ASME U3 Design and Compliance, ASME U3 component manufacturing. All Natural Freshness, partnered with Fresher Evolution HPP in the design of key components including the material handlings and baskets. All Natural Freshness is the authorized Sales Agent for Fresher Evolution HPP in North America.

Garden fresh understands the value of innovation. They started with one fantastic salsa and have since innovated and grown into a dominant leader in award winning salsas, hummus, dips, and tortilla chips. They have kept innovating and integrated High Pressure Processing (HPP) into their operation to guarantee all salsas, hummus and dips would be, not only the best tasting, but also, most natural, healthiest, safest product possible. All Natural Freshness was integral in the implementation of HPP and has continued worked closely with Garden Fresh as they deployed their 2nd fully integrated Avure 350L. Through the close work with Garden Fresh and their many different styles of packaging and products, ANF has innovated an all new line of HPP Carts, HPP Baskets, and loading system. Garden Fresh is the live Beta for the HPP Intelligence Manager. What a better platform to grow off of then a company that has hundreds of different products to process and multiple machines? To learn more about Garden Fresh Gourmet, visit Garden Fresh on the web.


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